Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tron: Legacy Images Update: Light Cycle Designs & Costumes


From UK-based film portal HeyUGuys comes this billboard image posted above from TRON: LEGACY, as well as a slew of images (including costumes and design-developmentals for Light Cycles) whose coverage has been sorely lacking of late, on this humble little blog of mine. But never the matter, here's a chance to see them all in one single go, innit? (Ahem)


As deliciously-designy as all the images (and trailers) have shown, it either could be a revolutionary celluloid trippy-trip-to-come, or turn into a collection of sequential images of basically the same tone and darkened aesthetics, heightened perhaps by the fluro-techno-neons and the soundtrack from Daftpunk. I pray to the Neon-Gawds it will be the former.

[8 x images in slideshow above of Design Developments / VIEW in full-screen]

[5 x images in slideshow above of Costume conceptuals / VIEW in full-screen]

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